Fall Time Blog!

Hi, once again! It’s our Fall time blog and this is what we have been up to…

Preschool Room

Our Preschool children were preparing this month for the very anticipated and fun filled event- HALLOWEEN! They loved exploring pumpkins where the majority of the children loved to get right in there and get their hands slimy by digging out the inside of their pumpkin. After the pumpkin was all “gutted” out, they had fun decorating the outside of it by adding the final touches to their masterpiece! The Halloween/Fall theme sensory table was also used daily by all the children. It was a month filled with Halloween songs about pumpkins, witches, and ghosts. Masking tape mummies and paper spiders added the extra “spook.”

Letter Recognition was still a big hit! Counting from 1-20 through songs and/or books, and different movement games about shapes kept these “busy bodies” happy and entertained! Moe the Mouse came out and helped with many of these activities too ☺

In the next few weeks, our housekeeping area will be transformed into a tea room where the love of making, mixing, and experimentation can be seen and hopefully sampled too.

The children will also be preparing for Christmas where they will be writing letters to the Santa and anxiously awaiting his arrival. Christmas decorations, presents, and other exciting things will also be happening. Be sure to have a peek!!!


Fall is in the air or at least in the kinder room! The children had fun collecting leaves from around the playground and bringing them inside to have a closer look at them. They did many leaf rubbings and pressings between laminate sheets to decorate the room. Moe the Mouse has been helping the kids with word practice by making it fun and enjoyable.

In preparation for Halloween, the art table was quite busy everyday. The children were making scary ghosts, goblins, and witches. They even made accessories for many of their favourite toys as seen throughout the room. They loved doing bubble art where they blew through straws. Other objects were also incorporated into art and imaginations soared. The children never get bored of balloons. They made balloon people and used balloons for art too.

A huge castle/house was made by all the children to keep them safe and hide from zombies. In the next few weeks, the children will be working on their version of “Polly Pockets.” They are looking forward to further building furniture for their castle/house, and a garage or shelter for their many loved pets.

School Age Room

Hi again! We have been crazy busy in the school age room once again! The children have been busy creating, and testing out new creations and ideas. Teachers were having fun trying out our new camera by taking lots of pictures and videos ☺ This season has been a month of many 1sts for our centre. Be sure to check out our pictures of what we were up too playing on the TV at the front of the room.☺

Beyblades, beyblades, beyblades! It’s been over a month now and they are still going strong! It all started with 1 child and the idea of building their version of a popular toy. This idea has now expanded from where the kids built a simple turning top to these extravagant and elaborate tops entering them in tournaments to battle to see who can spin the longest, which one is the strongest, to any category of their choice. Teachers have also joined in the fun!

On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 we hosted our 1st Annual Dodgeball Tournament against other daycares in our community. Machray Daycare came out to our centre and we came out on top (score 4 to 1). Our next game will be held at Champlain Daycare during the month of February (date TBA). A Final Tournament will be taking place here at our centre during Spring Break. More details will follow. It was a fun experience for everyone!

For the last few weeks, the children and staff were preparing for our 1st ever Inkster Comic Con which took place on Mon, Oct 31, 2016 (Halloween) and on Nov 4, 2016. We had a dance after school where we witnessed some very interesting and creative dance moves alongside many of the popular ones that the children love and are familiar with. Kids took a swing at the fruit piñatas that they made and got rewarded ☺ There were many Comic Con related games and a few different booths that included cupcake decorating, Lego building, face painting, a Comic Con photo booth with props, and a comic book making booth where we made our very own Inkster Comic Book. A great big “Thanks” goes out to Krystle once again for all your hard work with getting the booths ready, decorations, your creative abilities, and most of all, your little twists ☺ Our 1st Comic Con was a huge success and loved by ALL !!!