Summer Blog 2022


The Preschool children enjoyed a fantastic summer. We had a wide variety of entertainers visit our center. Some of the entertainers included Chris Scholl, a percussionist, Mr. Ken, a magician, as well as Fit Kids to name a few. We had a wide variety of special theme days from Messy Day  to Farm Day, where real farm animals came to visit. We explored space with Star Dome. The children stayed cool with Water Day and raced cars on Mario Day in the gym. We learned about different countries and cultures during Folklarama

week. The children loved looking for insects in our garden which was a huge hit! The children absolutely loved planting vegetables, watering them, and taking excellent care of them. We observed them on a daily basis. We explored nature all summer long. All in all it was an incredible time!


Steam and the celebration of multiculturalism was the focus of the childrens summer. The children enjoyed hands-on fun with science activities and our expedition around the world was a huge hit!

The children were busy bees as much of our time was spent outdoors. They enjoyed tending to our garden and seeing the vegetables grow. This care was also displayed in their love for animals which was highlighted throughout the summer. They had a blast looking for grasshoppers in the field, observing their butterfly habitat indoors, and creating habitats of their own for insects they were able to find. The release of their monarch butterflies was a bittersweet moment as the children checked on the habitat daily and witnessed the life cycle of the monarchs. The children were happy to see the five beauties spread their wings and fly into their new environment after hearing about the species becoming endangered this year. Their nurturing side carried onto the Prancing Pony Petting Zoo visit at our center. As excited as the kids were, they were extremely gentle and loving with all the animals – specifically with the baby chicks, baby goats and bunnies.

Throughout the summer the children remained active with various indoor and outdoor activities. They had fun in the sun with the Platinum Foam Party and beat the heat with a freezie party afterwards. The children had a blast rolling in the hamster ball and getting competitive with a group game of laser tag. Fit Kids Healthy Kids came out twice and the children loved the obstacles and games set out for them. Walks to a community park to play and our slurpee walk were this summer’s best sellers!

Though our footsteps remained within the community, that didn’t stop us from exploring the world with our activities and entertainment. They appreciated learning about Metis culture through the fiddle performance by Jason Lepine and accompaniment and enjoyed the immersive experience provided by Chris Scholl as he taught the children about drumming around the world. Aside from outside entertainment, specific days were devised to explore different countries and their traditions. During our Hawaiian Luau the children made leis and grass skirts and enjoyed a refreshing frozen Hawaiian punch. Our two most revered travels were Mexico Day and English Tea Party Day.  The children enjoyed making maracas, sombreros, and Dia de los Muertos skull masks while learning about their cultural significance. They also had a blast with our pinatas, in learning the Jarabe Tapatio (Mexican Hat Dance), and eating tacos in a bag. The children fancied their English Tea Party Day as they came adorned in elegant garb and decorated their own crowns. Before the commencement of the tea party, one of our older children hosted an etiquette class from the research she conducted. The children adored the dainty sandwiches and tea biscuits that were offered along with tea.

The last day of summer was our Carnival Day. The day was filled with adventure as we revisited a community park they love, provided a hotdog lunch and the children bounced to their heart’s content on the bouncy castle. It was a sweet send off to summer vacation with the snow cones they made and the watermelon cotton candy they ate.