Summer Blog 2023

The celebration of diversity and multiculturalism was the focus of the children’s summer.  The children enjoyed hands-on fun with science activities ; our expedition worldwide was a huge hit.  

The children spent much of their time outdoors. They enjoyed tending to our garden and seeing the vegetables and flowers grow.  Their nurturing and love for animals was highlighted when we had both Prancing Ponies Petting Farm and the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre visit our centre.  They were extremely gentle and loving with all the animals, especially with the baby chicks, calf, and baby goats.  

We also spent hours looking for grasshoppers in the field and chasing dragonflies.  We observed butterfly habits indoors, and the children witnessed the monarchs’ life cycles.  When we released the butterflies, they were happy to see them spread their wings and fly into their new environment.

The many entertainers and special visitors who came to our centre throughout the summer kept the children busy and gave them a glimpse of special celebrations and traditions in other countries.

With the return to school in the fall and the mild winter weather, children spent as much time outdoors as possible. Things settled down for a bit now that routines and schedules were established.

The children were constantly looking up and thinking of different ways to create masterpieces by using simple everyday objects, such as recyclables and various toys in the room, as seen by the many displays throughout our room.

The school aged children have quite the imagination and we never know what things they will come up with next especially with their love for Art and Legos.