Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to our blog! A special welcome to all our new families!
The staff and children at I.C.C.C.I. had a fun-filled and busy summer with many activities, hands-on experiences, fieldtrips, and special guests. Summer went by fast!

The children have been busy and very creative with arts and crafts where kids are cutting ribbons, strings, and other items and gluing onto their papers. Stickers are still a big hit!! Their love of painting with various materials can be seen throughout the room. Their love of water can also be seen daily when the children use sponges, boats, and fish and are making a huge splash!

Pet related play is a huge hit this month. The children love feeding and taking care of their many precious pets. Shopping in our “grocery store” and cooking the items that they have purchased have kept them occupied in our housekeeping area. Fire fighters, doctors, and other different occupations ensure everyone remains safe and are having fun.

Matching games using Math- yes Math, are a huge success! Number recognition and color matching are fun ☺ Music, musical instruments, and movement have no limits with these kids!!

Next month, our housekeeping area will be converted into a vet office where our love of pets will continue to grow.

The kindergarten children are an active and curious group of children! They love the outdoors and going on “Treasure Hunts” both inside and outside where they find objects and explore nature.

The art of designing and making of airplanes and watching them soar through the air express their creative imaginations! There are many different and “cool” looking models that actually do FLY!

Beading and playing with marbles using various objects are used daily and excellent for fine motor development.

Stay tune to see what adventures and new inventions the kindergarten children come up with!!

WOW! We had a busy and fun-filled summer!! Be sure to check out our newsletter to see all the wonderful and exciting things we did! Summer photos will be posted at the end of the month.


It’s Back to School!!! Both children and staff are now settling down into our regular routines. A few reminders are still needed for changing into indoor/outdoor shoes which is expected at the beginning of the school year.

POKEMON is a huge hit with all of the children and can be seen on our back bulletin board. Parents are enjoying our board too as we see them taking pictures. We had our own version of Pokemon Go where children had to go and find a Pokemon and try to catch them. “Can you catch them all?”

This month the children have shown interest in Food and Nutrition and we will further expand on this theme in the next few weeks. Check out our INKSTER ART GALLERY on the side wall for the wonderful still life paintings.

Our restaurant “MUNCHIES” is now open. The children are busy prepping, cooking, and running our “pretend” restaurant. Who knows, maybe one day we will have Master Chefs!!

Upcoming events will be posted under our program tab. Please ensure that you take a peek as there maybe items or important reminders needed for activities.